A Few Words About Me

I am a big believer in keeping things simple, valuing my time and making money from residual reoccurring income and diversification. I have a passion for utilising business and property to create wealth.

I was born in Leeds from a normal working class background. Where the aim in life if you were lucky was to just get a trade and then your set for life. I wasn’t one for school and main stream education definitely wasn’t for me.

I am now a full time Property Investor, multiple business owner, SSAS Trustee and a Wealth Coach for Wealth Builders.

My light bulb moment for me was after several events in life that made me realise that getting a job wasn’t for me and help shaped my wealth building journey.

My biggest two are my Dad passed away at the early age of 58. I was aged 28 at the time. He had worked all his life doing 40-60 hour weeks sometimes more to save and put money into a pension, to one day retire and sit back and enjoy life. Life had a different idea. It made think about our believes that we are bought up around and how I want to live life now as you never know what’s around the corner.

My Children (twins) were born premature at the 23 weeks. They were in hospital for 6 months and 8 months both in different hospital having different complicated life threatening illnesses. Thankfully we got through this and I didn’t work or my wife during this time. I was lucky to have a good team around me in my business at the time to allow me to take this time off. These are just two examples that shocked me to the bone and realise that having income from assets are the foundation for me to live the life I want.

I have a background in Sales and marketing for blue chip companies. After leaving these roles I set up a mortgage practice in 2006 that grew to over 36 brokers UK WIDE, I have also owned 2 IFA businesses. After exiting my financial services business I set up a property Investments company with the aim to become financially free and Time free allowing me to have more control on my choices.

While financial goals are important I base my wealth not only on income but also on time. Time is the only thing that you can never get back and I want to spend my time with my family and doing what I want.

I have a small personal property portfolio.

JAG Property Investments

About JAG Property Investments

JAG Property Investments was established in 2015 by Jonathan Dale and Gavin Williams. Together, we wanted to develop a property investment business that set itself apart from the rest.

Operating mostly from Llanelli to Swansea and the Neath Valley, we have developed a range of property-based services and property investor services that are honest, transparent and above all, ethical.

There are no smoke and mirrors; and there is no jargon.

Through clear communication, transparent process, an astute approach and fine attention to detail, JAG Property Investments delivers property investment services that won’t be matched in South Wales.

JAG Funding Solutions

About JAG Funding Solutions

Personal & Business Property Funding and Insurance Services offered by JAG Funding Solutions…



Bridging Finance

Business Fianance


Specialist Lending

Commercial Working Capital

Go All In

Determine Your Path

Transforming YOU from property beginner to property winner!

Whether you are looking to start in property or already have a portfolio you are wanting to expand.

We can help you build a profitable property portfolio and reach your goals quicker, with less stress, less mistakes. By doing things the right way learning from our past experiences.

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Property Champions Squad


Dragon Events

Education - Collaboration - Networking

About Dragon Events

Welcome to Dragons Events, your monthly networking event for individuals passionate about business, SSAS pensions, property investment and the pursuit of financial freedom living life on your terms.

We believe in the power of knowledge, collaboration and networking. Our events offer insights to help you take control of your life, grow your wealth, and build a rock-solid future.

Who We Are:

Dragon Events is not just an event; it's a community of like-minded individuals driven by the common goal of financial success and personal growth. We bring together professionals, entrepreneurs, SSAS pension trustees and property investors under one roof to share experiences, exchange ideas, and foster connections that can propel you towards your financial aspirations.

What Sets Us Apart:

Our events are carefully curated to provide a unique blend of educational seminars, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities. We understand that wealth creation is a multifaceted journey, and that's why the dragons cover a spectrum of topics, from business strategies and SSAS pension management to real estate insights and wealth-building tactics.

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